PDSYLM – Final Chapter

Adeline’s P.O.V.

I looked towards my brother. My heart was beating so fast that it began to hurt, so with the few hours of life I had left in me I smiled. I pulled Xavier into the hallway and sat him down on the couch.

“I need you to listen to me very carefully, okay.” I said. He nodded, his eyes discerned.

And then I began…

“I have been lying to you for a long time. In short I am very sick and there’s no return for me. With the way I’m feeling I know my lifespan is down to a few hours. Please don’t hate me and please don’t say you love me. In the short life I lived, I felt everything I needed to feel, I did everything I wanted to do and I made sure I was in control. I didn’t get to decide when I came into this world but I want to decide when I leave. You have a beautiful gift coming your way and my death shouldn’t intervene with it. I’m happy, so happy and I need my going to be a time of happiness not sorrow.” I said.

Xavier’s eyes welled with tears and he held my hand, bringing it to his heart. He simply nodded and wrapped me in a tight embrace. Soon the kids came running in with brownie batter on them and Amelia followed shortly after.

Hours later we were all by the T.V. when I felt uneasy. I began coughing, Xavier gave me a napkin and within seconds it was filled with blood. Amelia sent the kids upstairs, but I stopped them,

it was time.

I embraced them so tight that they began laughing, I held the feeling of them in my heart and their image in my eyes before I let them go.

Xavier grabbed the phone and I stopped him,

“it’s time”, I croaked.

Then to my luck it started to rain.

I wrapped them in my arms and cried- so loud I couldn’t hear the rain hitting the concrete outside. I placed a kiss on Amelia’s stomach,

“Thank you”, I whispered.

Xavier looked towards Amelia who managed a smile. They both hugged and I slipped away.

I ran outside into the rain.

I kept running, unaware of how much time had passed.

Until I stopped in front of a car that was speeding my way and to my luck, out of the car stepped Rome.


Rome’s P.O.V

After hours of searching I found where she would most likely be.

To my surprise the rain kept pouring as I drove, the windows of my car were hard to see out of.

I jumped on the brake when I saw her. She was running down the street, soaked in the rain.

I stepped out and walked towards her.

We just stood there, unaware of time, place or the pounding rain that drenched us. She smiled a wide and toothy smile as she fell to the ground.

“Adeline” I yelled.

I caught her and we fell to the ground, her head on my lap.

‘Promise me something” She whispered.

“Don’t change, don’t go back to the dark. Stay in the light” She said.

“Adeline, I…” I began.

“Shush, please don’t say it, don’t say you love me” She whispered.

“But I do. You’re responsible for this change which means you have to stay through it.” I said.

‘Thank you for giving me some of the most beautiful moments of my life, but I have to go now” She mustered, her eyes closing.

“No, no, no” I wept, yelling and screaming for someone to do something.

“… goodbye Rome” She whispered, placing her hand on my cheek.

Just like that her chest stopped rising. The rain began to pour louder. I moved my head to look at her one last time and placed a kiss on her forehead as I cried.


Minutes later a car stopped in front of us, and out stepped a man and woman.


6 Months Later

“Then there were five” said Roman as he walked into the hospital room.

There sat Xavier, Amelia and their three children. Amelia held their newborn baby girl, who was absolutely stunning, big brown eyes and a wide smile that made her eyes crinkle.

Roman walked in with flowers and the kids ran up to him, giving him a big hug.

Amelia nodded Roman over.

She placed her baby girl in his arms.

Roman stared at the sleeping baby,

“Her name is Adeline” Amelia said.

Roman looked up and smiled, a small tear escaping his eyes. After Adeline’s death they all found it hard to move on, but with one another they were all okay. Roman became great friends with Xavier- just as Adeline thought they would- and now Roman visits regularly and the kids love him dearly.

Roman looked down at the baby again and whispered “Adeline”, and he swears he saw her smile in her sleep.

Hours later Roman was driving home when he stopped at the street he had lost himself 6 months earlier. He pulled out his wallet and there sat a photo of Adeline. He had sneakily taken a photo of her at work. She was wearing a gorgeous grey dress and her hair was curled. She was laughing on the phone and that’s when Roman took the picture.

He held the picture in his hand and a few tears slipped down his eyes. When his family heard the news, they were all distraught. Adeline was so special, is so special and the magic she spread died with her.

He kissed her photo and closed his eyes.

“I regained my sight, but after seeing you there’s nothing else worth seeing. I miss you.” He said as he smiled picturing her smile back in his head.



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