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Featured Story: The Sterling House

I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of being boring, or at least boring to the world.

I have a mind of my own. I have plans – big ones and tonight I’ll prove it.

In 1816 the Sterling house was built and in 1818 they shut it down. Why, no one knows. There’s talk of suicidal servants and creaking floors, maybe the dead was knocking at their door. All that aside the Sterling house is forbidden.

No one guards it and the police don’t care. Kids roam around wanting to go in, but that place scares everyone.

Not me.

The town tried destroying it, but the bulldozers didn’t move. Even the torches couldn’t dent the house. It’s almost as if the house is indestructible.

Ever since I was young I saw glimpses of someone walking inside, but that never scared me. It only made me grow curious of what was inside. My nona uses to speak of how that house has family ties and how our secrets are sealed within its walls.

I’m adopted. My real parents are unknown and the ones who took me in are missing. They’ve been missing for years. No-one knows where they went and surprisingly no one seems to ask. But I know.

They’re in the house, they have to be. They have a lot of secrets and so does that house. A few nights ago I heard my mom’s voice and it was coming from the house. I walked towards the noise but my nona pulled me away. She knows something. They all do.

I put on my hood and walked towards the back entrance of the house. No-one knew there was a back, but behind all those bushes there’s a wooden door that leads right to the kitchen.

Getting inside was easy, but staying in would be hard.

The walls smell of fresh paint. Odd. How does an abandoned house smell new?

I turned on my flashlight and pointed it at the walls. I gasped. There was a girl on the wall, who looked just like me, but her eyes were dark and conniving. She wasn’t human. Her skin was pale and she stood right in front of the Sterling house.

I turned the image and it read,

Mia Sterling May 1816

She had my name.

I want to leave but I’m already too far in. I can’t leave all the answers. I moved to the next photo which was of my nona, but when she was younger. It dates March 1957.

How could a photo of the 20th century be here when this house closed off in 1818.  My nona isn’t bad I know that, but my parents aren’t innocent.

As I moved into the living room more photos of Mia were around the room. Photos of her when she was young right up until her youth. A newspaper sat on the coffee table. It read,

Mia Sterling dead. – body found floating in her bedroom. Her parents under police custody as prime suspects.

The page had images. Mia was in mid-air. Her back decimated and her eyes pure white. That wasn’t humanly possible.

Below were images of her parents who look exactly like mine. The same names, the same age and the same face. This is no coincidence.

Something sinister lives in this house.

I moved to the stairs that were pitch black, more images hung from the wall and in all of them the truth spoke. My parents were apart of something evil and they were doing whatever it takes to remain young.

There were photos from several years of them with a child. All the same face but at different ages. Yet again the same name.


The walls had images of Mia everywhere, and what scared me was that no one was over the age of 16.

What’s scarier is that I turn 16 in 10 minutes.  I was born on July 8th 2002 at 2:15 am.

I made my way to the top of the stairs. My heart pounded as I knew my chances of survival decreased. I made my way to the bedroom.

Instantly I recognized it as the one Mia had died in.

“you were always smart Mia” a voice spoke.

I jolted and turned around and there stood my parents and who I assume to be Mia Sterling.

I looked directly at my self. Everything about us was identical. Besides one thing. Our eyes. Mine are blue and hers were black, fully black. No light reflected and no depth. Just pitch black.

“we need your help. This is our real daughter. Only you can keep her alive. Your 16 years will give her life. We know we seem like monsters but only the life of her doppelgänger can keep her alive.” My father spoke.

“what keeps you alive?” I asked.

“you’re very wise. We feed” he said.

“you killed my parents” I said as a tear escaped my eye.

“not kill, sacrifice. Your nona wanted to keep you away but we knew your curiosity would bring you here to us” he spoke.

I knew running was useless. I walked over to Mia and stared into her lifeless eyes.

“what are you?” I asked

She smiled. “not human” she said. Her voice deep and raspy.

At that moment I knew that I had looked death into it’s eyes as I was now floating.

My back cracked and I hung mid-air and as I caught my final breath I read

Mia Navoa found dead in Sterling House. Floating in the middle of the upstairs bedroom. Back broken and missing eyes. Suspects unknown.

And with that my eyes whitened and I became another photo on the wall of the Sterling house.

The image appears on the wall, reading…

Mia 2018