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If Only She Knew

His eyes scanned over the large array of flowers.

Indecisive he picked up each one and checked for any visual imperfection. He looked and he looked but every flower seemed beautiful, the only question was which would she like best. He picked up a purple lily as he knew purple was her favorite color. After a few moments he realized he was at an impasse as he knew orchids were her favorite flower, however Jasmine was her favorite scent. Lost in the overwhelming display he picked up a bouquet of each.

One of purple lilies,

One of orchids, and

One of  Jasmines-whose smell reminded him of her perfume.

He headed to the counter to pay for the three bouquets, and the woman at the front recognized his face well. Every Sunday he would come in and spent hours choosing which flowers to get and always bought several speaking of how she loves flowers and anything less than perfect wasn’t acceptable. As he left the store with a small wave, whispering about how late he would be for her the woman thought she was a lucky woman because she had a man who knew her every want.

He headed off to meet her. He kept the bouquets upright next to him in his car, he put on the radio and switched it to 97.3 – her favorite station, and he knew they would be playing her favorite song.

He could imagine how she would tap her feet or sway her hips and he could even hear her sweet voice as she would sing along with her hair moving gently alongside the breeze. He was getting impatient as he couldn’t bare the distance between them. He was away a lot for work. Constant trips overseas to meet with new clients, so he knew every moment with his wife was important as he would be leaving soon again.

He arrived at his destination and saw that it was quiet and slow as usual. Many people there but no one to greet them. He passed all the eager people who waited for their loved ones until he arrived to meet her.

“Sorry I’m late” he said, as he placed all the flowers in front of her.

“now I know you said not to splurge on you but you only deserve the best” he said as he bent down to sit with her.

He scanned his eyes over the stone.

Re-reading the words on her tombstone.

He kept telling himself it wasn’t real but the harsh reality was too strong.

It has been 3 months.

The last time he saw her they were arguing. He was going overseas for 2 months and didn’t bother letting her know. He just always thought that she would be here when he got back. He assumed she was always going to be here, but he forgot she was human too. She was hurting and as she ran out of their home her humanity shone.

A little girl was about to be hit and she jumped in to save her, the little one lives but the one I needed – she died.

She lay lifeless against the pavement, her blood cold as it filled the streets, and then it began to rain. That’s the day his life changed.

He closed his eyes and lay alongside her grave and again it began to rain- the first rainfall since then and today his life changed again.

If only…

If only she knew how much he truly loved her, and she did.

She knew.